Febuary 9, 2015
They chose Mont-Tremblant

Besides their fame, what do the couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas; Mario Lemieux; Mitsou; Angèle Dubeau; the Governor General of Canada and members of the Molson and Bronfman families have in common? Perhaps nothing, except that all these public personalities have chosen to have a vacation property in the Mont-Tremblant region.  

Whether they elect to stay here for a season or for a few visits a year, these celebrities return to Mont-Tremblant quite regularly. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, one of Hollywood’s best-known couples, have several secondary residences around the world. So…why choose Mont-Tremblant? They return, they say, for a visit that provides peace and anonymity. “Our whole family has appreciated the Mont-Tremblant region for a number of years, in summer as well as winter,” actor Michael Douglas writes amiably to Tremblant Express’s editorial staff.

The Canadian Governor General, David Johnston, mentions that he and his family chose to settle in Mont-Tremblant in order to fully enjoy “the four beautiful seasons” which offer the opportunity to practice a good number of physical activities. “This part of the country allows my family to appreciate outdoor activities in one of the most beautiful places in the world and to spend time with the most pleasant and friendly people you can imagine,” confides His Excellency.

Renowned Canadian businessman and philanthropist Stephen Bronfman has had a residence in Mont-Tremblant since 1990. He notes that he has visited the region since the end of the ‘70s, staying here with his friends Phillip and Patrick Molson. “As far as I’m concerned, Tremblant evokes mountain and nature. My wife Claudine, the children and I […] always enjoy getting outside to fish, ski and water ski. We play golf and tennis, and we go canoeing and hiking. […] We have a very busy life. Tremblant allows us to slow down a little, to breathe the fresh air and to enjoy nature. It’s a unique place for the whole family that not only allows us to get closer to nature, but also to get closer to each other. We are always happy here,” Mr. Bronfman is careful to emphasize.

 “Tremblant combines all the perfect conditions for a getaway. It’s just far enough and close enough to take the time for a weekend, whether romantic or festive. Just enough action and just enough peace and quiet. It’s easy to withdraw and enjoy the solitude, to take refuge in the four walls, without feeling isolated. It’s really a lovely balance,” says Iohann Martin, Mitsou’s producer and life partner. “It’s become a second home,” adds Mitsou. “I run and do cross-country skiing and the P’tit Train du Nord trail is perfect for both. Mont-Tremblant lets me have a getaway and find myself again over just a weekend.”

 “My secondary residence has been in Mont-Tremblant for close to 30 years,” says  Angèle Dubeau, the virtuoso violinist to whom we owe, in particular, Tremblant’s La Fête de la Musique. “My husband and I have decided to move here for good when our respective careers allow us to do so. More than anything else, it was the lush natural surroundings and the majesty of the region that seduced us. We come here regularly for a stay and we appreciate the four seasons, because we like watching the changes to nature as the seasons progress. I could not find a more beautiful spot to present the Fête de la Musique ,” asserts Mme Dubeau.

The musician does say, however, that she is uncomfortable with the recent decision to asphalt the section of the multifunctional trail Le P’tit Train du Nord that joins the Village sector to Labelle. “Mont-Tremblant is magnificent and should pay particular attention to its primary blessing, which is nature. It should be preserved and cherished,” she stresses in conclusion. 

© Stéphanie Lefebvre (Mitsou) – Claudine & Stephen Bronfman – Daniel Labelle et Mario Lemieux - © Vincent Carbonneau, Rideau Hall – David et Sharon Johnston.

Source : Guillaume Vincent, Tremblant Express, February 2015

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